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The Best Valentine’s Gift for 2018 is the Miami Split-Kit

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA - 02/01/2018 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Valentine’s Day is around the corner again and as we watch our friends gather roses and chocolates for their boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, partners — we ask ourselves what single people want for Valentine’s Day. Maybe you just got dumped. Or else you’ve been put on “a break.” Maybe you haven’t had somebody to write love notes to since junior high.

Valentine’s Day is a usually a day where single people get left out. But not this year. The best Valentine’s gift for 2018 is the “Miami Split-Kit” created by DreamCloud Psychiatry in Miami Beach. A package of luxurious amenities and services for the mind and body, the “Miami Split-Kit” is made for men and women who are single and heartbroken, and maybe even depressed.

Each “Miami Split-Kit” includes one-month of break-up psychotherapy sessions at DreamCloud, a pass to Equinox Gym at any Miami location (Miami Beach, Aventura, Brickell, Brickell Heights), one area of Dysport or Botox by Dr. Jason Shapiro at Tribeca Medaesthetics in Miami Beach, one-month of nutritious, organic meal planning by mental health specialist and registered dietician Sondra Braude, one-month of fitness and customized workout planning by renowned elite calisthenics trainer and yoga expert Gabo Saturno, and a holistic mental health evaluation by psychiatric nurse practitioner Chris Lee. The total package is valued at over two thousand dollars.

The Miami Split-Kit also includes two Miami Heat game tickets at the American Airlines Arena for you and a “new friend” to enjoy. Split-Kits also come with a set of adult coloring books and assorted crayons to ease stress and tension.

Just in time for Valentine’s day, the Miami Split-Kit gives single people a way to heal their broken hearts and celebrate their lives without a current lover. Every service that comes in the Miami Split-Kit is delivered by one of South Florida’s top providers and experts in health and wellness.

You may be surprised to know that Botox plays a critical part in mental health. Current FDA-studies suggest that Botox may improve clinical symptoms of depression by altering the brain’s response to facial muscle contractions. Dr. Jason Shapiro of Tribeca MedAesthetics offers his skilled technique to produce beautiful, and mood-lifting results. The Miami-Split Kit includes holistic mental health remedies from every angle - medical, nutrition, fitness, psychotherapy, exercise, and some good, plain fun.

The Miami Split-Kit was designed at DreamCloud Psychiatry by 34 year-old entrepreneur and board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner Chris Lee. He brings over a decade of clinical and creative expertise to DreamCloud, which has offices in Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale. DreamCloud also offers cloud-based virtual services online, which lends to its name. Patients throughout Florida can receive comprehensive psychiatric services at DreamCloud simply by logging online using any laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Appointments are conducted using safe, HIPAA-compliant software, and medications are electronically prescribed and sent directly to the patient’s nearest pharmacy.

DreamCloud also offers advanced technology in psychiatric care, including Genesight DNA genetic swab testing to find which medications work best based on a patient’s genetic profile, as well as same-day instant EKG readings using AliveCor Kardia technology.

At 34 years old, Chris Lee founded DreamCloud to break down barriers to mental healthcare caused by stigma and fear. “Mental health can be scary for a lot of people. We want to build counter evidence against those fears by relating mental health to real-life issues, like break-ups, which can cause a tremendous impact on a person’s life, including fundamental behaviors like how they eat or sleep,” he says. “I want people to know that mental health is more than just a medical practice, it’s a lifestyle.”

“DreamCloud was started so that younger patients could feel comfortable about seeing a psychiatric provider,” says Adrian Enriquez, administrator at DreamCloud. “Millennials are extremely interested in mental health.” The success of television shows like “13 Reasons Why” indicates that teens and young adults are increasingly moved by mental health issues and will provide a vast market for mental healthcare in the years to come.

The Miami Split-Kit by DreamCloud Psychiatry costs $999 and is available for purchase online now through February 28 at www.split-kit.com and at www.dreamcloudpsychiatry.com.



Why DreamCloud is a dream come true for Miami and Fort Lauderdale

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Dec. 26, 2017 - PRLog -- DreamCloud Psychiatry opens in January and is already taking South Florida by storm. Developed by Chris Lee, former partner and co-founder of Miami's top-ranked Elevate Psychiatry, DreamCloud brings life and personality to a medical practice model that he believed had become dry and outdated. His calendar is already booked two months in.

"With DreamCloud, I wanted to create something that was more relatable to today's generation so that seeing the psychiatrist could feel less intimidating to patients," says Lee. "Nobody wants to pay $400 to wait hours in a crowded doctor's office anymore. Mental health has become much more important to patients in recent years and they want quality care that they can afford, delivered in a way that not only fits their busy lifestyle but rewards them with a positive experience that will encourage them to return."

Lee looks for modern, contemporary office spaces with a feeling of engagement in the community to attract patients who want to seek care in a familiar environment. "With Elevate Psychiatry, I chose a high-rise loft space with concrete floors and exposed ceilings. We used aromatherapy and sound conditioning to emulate the feeling of a spa." For DreamCloud in Miami Beach, he rented several units in the trendy WeWork South of Fifth building which offers weekly social events to members and guests, including rooftop yoga, and healthy refreshments such as fresh fruit-infused water, herbal tea, and kombucha. DreamCloud in Fort Lauderdale sits in the heart of LGBT-community Wilton Manors, steps away from popular gyms and healthy restaurants.

Perhaps the most innovative of DreamCloud Psychiatry's concepts, are its cloud visits. His take on increasingly popular telemedicine, cloud visits allow any patient in Florida to access DreamCloud's services simply using a laptop, cellphone, or tablet. Prescriptions can be sent electronically to over 7,000 pharmacies in all fifty states, allowing his patients to schedule appointments from anywhere, including their home or the office. "DreamCloud patients can be anywhere in the country and never miss a follow-up or run out of medication," he proudly states. Unlike most telemedicine companies which operate solely from a remote office, DreamCloud offers office visits, cloud visits, or a combination of both to fit any lifestyle.

Lee is a licensed and board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner and psychotherapist and unlike physicians, is able to prescribe medication and provide therapy to patients of all ages. Psychiatrists are typically limited to an adult or child population and recent polls indicate that physicians may lack the patient care and bedside manner that nurses are inherently trained to provide. Psychiatric nurse practitioners receive three years of intensive training similar to a physician's three year residency in psychiatry.  A simple search on Yelp or Google gives Lee a consistent five-star rating by his patients.

DreamCloud offers a contemporary environment to showcase its quality services, and also takes pride in its accessibility. "Making an appointment is so easy at DreamCloud," says financial advisor Junior Cruz. "You can schedule yourself online, call them, text them, email them. There are so many ways to gain access." And it won't break the bank either. All of DreamCloud's services are priced affordably. Their process to set fees was simple. Lee and his team contacted nearly every psychiatrist in Miami pretending to be a new patient, calculated the average of their fees, and cut the prices by 30-50%. All of their fees are transparently posted on their website.

"Cost is really important factor. Psychiatric care can be very expensive, but we don't think it needs to be. I'd rather have patients be able to come and check in more frequently and  get more from treatment, than be deterred by high prices and receive insufficient follow-up care," DreamCloud uses HIPAA-compliant software to provide patients convenient, paperless forms which also save time and money. They provide free lab orders and interpretation, including recently trending genetic swab testing for medication selection.

And then there's the DreamCloud Charity program, which chooses one random patient each month to select a non-profit charity of their choice. DreamCloud then will donate that patient's session fee to the organization and posts information about the charity on its website and social media to encourage engagement in the community.

The American Psychiatric Association published an article in 2016 which concluded that "increasingly positive attitudes toward mental health help seeking from professionals, especially in the younger generation, has likely contributed to increased use of services over the past decade and will continue to do so in the coming years."

DreamCloud Psychiatry opens two offices in Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale this year with plans to expand in the future. To learn more about DreamCloud Psychiatry and its services go to www.dreamcloudpsychiatry.com.