psychiatric services + fees

Our vision is to deliver five-star psychiatric care at the most affordable price. We believe continuity and frequency of follow-up is important and should be included, not cost extra. Your mental health shouldn’t have a price tag.

On February 1, 2019, all services will be offered in a subscription monthly billing plan. New patients starts with a complete psychiatric evaluation, which is included. Patients receive unlimited follow-ups via cloud, email, phone, text. There is no contract and you can cancel anytime.

More information to come… Please message us for details at

start up


New patients receive a detailed psychiatric evaluation which helps us to design a custom plan to treat your symptoms gently, with few or no side effects. We believe in using a holistic approach and will ask about sleep, nutrition, and physical health to ensure successful treatment. Psychotherapy helps us to identify your life path and determine how we can help you reach your destination.


follow up


15-MINUTE VISIT. Our basic follow-up includes brief, focused psychotherapy and medication management. New patients can expect to have their first follow-up in 4-6 weeks. During this visit patients are able to ask questions, refill medications, and track their progress.


follow up (XL)


40-MINUTE VISIT. Full-length sessions are perfect for patients who prefer to see one provider instead of having a separate therapist. Patients can choose weekly or monthly visits. We use integrative psychotherapy to identify and invigorate goals.


power up


DreamCloud offers EKG testing and results using advanced AliveCor Kardia technology. We don't put any cables or stickers on your chest. Simply place your fingers on our reader and receive accurate results in just 30 seconds! Office visits only.


level up


DreamCloud is a licensed medical provider and may order routine labs or bloodwork to make sure you are healthy. Monitoring your levels may be an important part of your treatment.


look up


Check your DNA to learn which medications may metabolize and work best for you. DreamCloud is a preferred Genesight provider and only uses the highest-quality product, developed by the Mayo Clinic. The test is a cheek swab and only takes a few minutes. Results in 1-2 weeks. Most insurances cover the lab but may charge a copay.


shape up


We value your physical health and understand its impact on mental health. Our trained staff provides basic medical services, health education and counseling, specialist referrals, and connections to healthy resources in the community. LEARN MORE.


back up


To ensure quality time with all patients, there is a $300 hourly fee (billed in 15m increments) for administrative work, telephone calls, or letters requiring more than 10 minutes. Common examples include disability paperwork, court documents, copies of medical records, FMLA, and testing accommodations.